Washing Machine Repair

Malfunctions of washing equipment are: typical and rare. What are the differences between these problems? Approximately 90% of cases are attributed to the master to go to typical repairs. They can be in washing machines of various types and brands. And this is understandable, because the designs and principles of operation of all machines are very similar. Of course, there are unusual, complex breakdowns, but they belong more to the second category. Also, this category will include damage that occurred due to the fault of the owner, production errors. The most complex breakdowns are considered “floating”. This is the period when the machine first works, then doesn’t, and again and again. Only a real professional, a master with great practice and experience can identify and eliminate such errors. And we know how to find them.

We repair washing machines of all brands:

  • Whirlpool.

  • GE (US)

  • LG (Korea)

  • Electrolux (Sweden)

  • Samsung (Korea)

  • Haier (China)


  • Midea (China)

Washing Machine repair service

Here is the list of what can go wrong with your washing machine and some instructions what you should do before you call the service or schedule an appointment with a professional on our website:

Water cannot heat up


The instructions describe the reasons why this happens, but in practice, things are not so easy. Often this happens due to a malfunction of the heating element. Also, the cause may be a break in the power circuit leading to the heater, or the terminal has burned out. For automatic machines this is not a rare occurrence. The control unit or sensors rarely fail.

Warning: self-repair is prohibited!

The washing machine does not pump water


The first thing that comes to mind is the lack of pressure in the water supply system. Also, the reason is simply a shut-off tap, it does not allow water to get into the washing machine. The culprit in some cases becomes a faulty valve or control unit. If an error is detected, even before the powder has not yet been washed off, it is possible to clean the filter.

The machine discharges (drains) water


In this case, there are several options. The reason may lie in the incorrect connection of equipment to the sewer. But if the discharge of water does not occur first, but after a while, then there is some kind of malfunction. In the first case, you can cope with the problem yourself, and in the second, you need to call the wizard.

A puddle of water appears under the machine.

The very first reason may be the washing of the curtains. Performing this operation, the powder foams very much, and seeping out, flowing out of the car, it forms water, and this scares the owner. Another reason is pipe leakage or cuff breakthrough. There may also be poor-quality gasket in the hose through which water flows. The rarest case is a drum leak.

Water does not drain

The first thing to do is ask yourself: How long has the filter been cleaned? If it’s hard to remember, then you need to carry out this procedure immediately. The problem has not been resolved, so you need to spend money on buying a drain pump and installing it. Maybe it has deteriorated due to irregular cleaning of the filter.

The washing machine seems to be dead


Maybe the problem is very simple - they did not plug it into the outlet, or the automatic protection turned off, maybe it was improperly selected. But if these resolved causes did not reveal a breakdown, then the line filter is faulty. In this case, you must call the master.

An automatic washing machine makes some noise


You don’t need to be scared right away; it may be such a design or the machine is unevenly installed. If this is not the case, you need to look to see if there is a foreign object in the drum or if the laundry is not distributed correctly and an imbalance has occurred. A more serious failure can be considered a bearing failure.

If there is a serious breakdown, call us, the technician will arrive immediately and fix all the malfunctions. Order repair of washing machines right now. You’ll get a fast, high quality service with a guarantee!

Washing Machine repair cost

The average washing machine repair cost ranges from $50 to $180, depending on labor costs, the brand of washing machine, the problem the technician needs to fix, and the cost of any replacement parts.

Washing Machine repair near me

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