Best Ways to Cover the Costs of Appliance Repair

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Don’t you get stressed when your main appliances break down? You can’t do without them on the one hand, and on the other hand, you haven’t included these extra expenses into your budget. And now you need to find a way to pay for this emergency.

Below are the best instant cash advance options to consider if you want to find the money for your broken appliance repair fast and at affordable rates and convenient terms.

What are Appliance Loans?

An appliance loan is a type of Online Personal Loans for appliance financing you get in order to pay for appliance repair.

A personal loan is usually a bad credit unsecured cash advance from direct lenders. You are not required any collateral, hard credit checks, faxing, etc. Applying is done online – fast and safe.

The terms and interest for personal loans vary from lender to lender. Generally, you can expect:

  • Loan amounts from $5,000 to $35,000
  • Repayment terms of 6 months - 7 years
  • Interest rates starting at 3.99% APR.

Personal Loans are available for borrowers with both good and bad credit score. There are no hard credit checks, so loan processing and funding are really quick – within 1 – 2 business days.

Small Appliance Repair

Even small appliances such as microwaves, toaster ovens, wine coolers, fans and others break down and it may cause great inconveniences. Depending on the amount of money you need to repair your fridge, or dishwasher, etc. you may choose among the variety of the following cash advances.

Check out the average cost for their repair to see how much extra money you’ll need:

  • Dryers - $180
  • Washing machines: $180-$400
  • Refrigerators: $180-$400

So, as we can see, the amount of $100 - $1000 will be enough to pay for any of small appliance repair. In such case, a small-dollar short-term Payday Loan will be perfect for you.

Online Payday Loans are quick and highly available even for bad credit. The repayment terms vary from 14 to 30 days. Though the interest may be rather high, 400% APR on average. So, do your best to pay the loan back on time.

But it’s highly recommended to check short-term loan laws and regulations in your state as Payday Loans may be restricted at your location.

If you are not sure that you’ll manage to repay all the sum within a month, you can consider Online Installment Loans which are to be paid back in parts within several months. Besides, they are available in higher amounts up to $5,000. You can apply for Installment Loans for people with Bad Credit online and get the necessary funds within a maximum of 2 days.

How to get Appliance Repair Loan?

Appliance Loans will let you get the necessary funds for your old appliance repair or for buying a new one.

  1. Compare Personal Loan offers from direct lenders online. It won’t damage your credit score and you’ll solve the financial problem even with bad credit.
  2. Sort out the loan types depending on the convenient interest rate, way of payment, length of the loan term, etc.
  3. 100% online application will allow you to find affordable appliance loans from lenders that guarantee instant approval and direct deposit loan the same day.

Other ways to pay for Appliance Repair

If you can’t or don’t want to take out a loan for appliance repair, you may consider other options that may help:

  • Check your home warranty policy to see if you can get some Insurance or Government Help.
  • Maybe you have the Emergency Fund or some Savings you could use.
  • Ask your family or friends to help.
  • Get some extra work to make a little money enough to pay for appliance repair.
  • Sell some unnecessary stuff online or use pawn shops.
  • Make extra money recycling.

LOAN Application Form

How much would you like to borrow?